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News from Big Sandy!
May 7, 2022 Election Update: Certification of Unopposed Candidates

City Council Candidates Finalized

The deadline for candidates to file for 3 open city council seats, including write-in candidates, was Two’s Day Tuesday, February 22, 2022.


The City of Big Sandy had 3 city council positions open, and 3 candidates filed for these positions.


Since there is no candidate running opposed and the deadline for write-ins has passed, City Administrator Laura Rex has provided Mayor Rozell with certification that each candidate for office is running unopposed. The City Council can cancel the May 7, 2022 election and declare the unopposed candidates as elected to their respective office at their next city council meeting, scheduled for March 15, 2022.


 These candidates will not be eligible to take office until the city council can canvas the election results during the state designated canvassing period of May 10 – May 18, 2022.